Managed Services

We believe our approach of getting to know your business inside out while respecting your corporate culture and staff contributions makes us a perfect IT partner.  

FULCRA 24x7 Monitoring

Monitoring Services

Our proactive monitoring and support services put technicians to work before IT issues become critical to business function.

Our monitoring services probe your systems for critical issues 24x7 and provide technicians insight into the health of your critical systems.

Support Services

We provide support to your IT environment that spans from simple help desk support for you and your employees to management tier consultation on planning and budgeting for leveraging IT in the face of an ever-changing IT and business landscape.

Security Services

Patching, antivirus protection and malware prevention are critical to maintaining a secure computing platform.  With a workforce growing more mobile everyday, security assurance becomes a moving target. Woven into the fabric of our Monitoring and Support Services is our secure computing platform, an antivirus/malware protection solution and Windows/third party patching solution.  Our solution monitors for updates and threats on computers whether your staff is working at the office or remotely.