Our Approach

We work with a wide range of complex systems and business scenarios; but our approach is always simple:

  • Consult
  • Build
  • Support

FULCRA Solution Planning and Implementation Services

Initial Consultation

We get to know you and understand your critical business processes, ideas and culture. Then we provide consultation services to make sure you know your technology plan is tailored to your unique requirements, ideas and environments. Our management team has consulted with a wide range of businesses, from startups to larger corporations dealing with complex software problems and compliance challenges.

We have planned unique solutions for a wide array of industries with unique and proprietary requirements:

  • Financial Services
  • Medical Device Software & Manufacturing
  • Marijuana Stores and Facilities
  • Telecommunications & Networking
  • Legal & Professional Services

Solution & Implementation Services

Our experienced engineers build to specifications defined in our consultation phase. Throughout the build phase, documentation is critical as it plays an important role in using, managing and supporting the solution throughout its lifecycle.

FULCRA 24x7 Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring & Support

Monitoring Services

Our proactive monitoring and support services put technicians to work before IT issues become critical to business function.

Our monitoring services probe your systems for critical issues 24x7 and provide technicians insight into the health of your critical systems.

Support Services

We provide support to your IT environment that spans from simple help desk support for you and your employees to management tier consultation on planning and budgeting for leveraging IT in the face of an ever changing IT and business landscape